It’s been a few days but I am still ‘arting’

I’ve been a little busy with a tattoo drawing, writing a novella for hopeful publication by the 15 of this month, and our group (family biker group, not art related).  I just have been so pressed to get things done that I have let this blog (and some housework, whoops) slide a little.

I’ll show what I have been working on.  I’ve been using Sketchbook Pro on the Wacom Cintiq Hybrid hooked up to my computer. Neither of these are affiliate links, I am just super pleased with their performances.

A friend of my husband’s wants a tattoo of something very specific.  I’m not going to get into exact specifics until I’m done and he’s approved the tattoo, but he’s an EMT and there is an ambulance involved.

So I took a few reference pictures from online, mixed and matched what I liked and tossed what I didn’t or extra clutter.  I drew the basics of what he wanted for myself to get an idea and got the go ahead:

Original layout.

Original layout.

Then I looked into what details I thought I could add in and tried to get more accurate spacing.


The hard work came with the lines.  Working with a ruler, perspective, resizing etc.  I have to say this Wacom Cintiq Hybrid tablet is just plan out incredible.  It really frees up the artist to try for anything.

This was what I finished up with as far as just the ambulance and stretcher:

TattooforTannern_almostthere1The lights up top are not perfect.  I’ll have to fix those before I pass it on.

The damn diamond plate is my only sore spot.  Because this is for a tattoo, I had to get those perfect.  I’m not saying he’s going to find a tattoo artist that will do work that small, but who knows.  Because I wanted this perfect I *gagging* traced the damn diamond plate.  Now, I don’t care if other people trace shit, it’s just not something I want to do with artwork unless I am tracing something I drew onto a new piece of paper.  I have done it before and I don’t like that empty feeling I get.  So I detest doing it.


Still, that’s what I am up to now.  Sorry it’s been four days!


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