Film is Art Too

I’ve made a few short films, worked on a feature that was never finished or produced and have written quite a few screenplays (even finished a couple!).

Film is art!  Writing, creating a storyboard, editing, all of it in between!



I love it so much.  I took a course in my early 20s, and when we moved here and I was attending Wiregrass here in Valdosta for a bit, I took a couple film classes again.  I got the opportunity to shoot a short PSA.  Shot this with a realllllllly old camera and my Note II.  I used my friends and my husband got one of his fellow volunteer fire fighters to help out at the end.  We just road down areas for about 30 minutes on day we all had off.  I shot the rest with my husband when he had the spare time.

So use whatever you have at your disposal to create!

I obviously do not have the rights to Metallica’s Fuel and I am not making any money or advertising anything.  This was just a project that I shot for school.


“Old Art From an Old Sketchbook” or “Has it been 8 YEARS Already?!”

“Bad” art time.  Okay, so it’s not bad art.  It’s just old art.  And I say bad because so many people are embarrassed to show their old stuff or to share their sketchbooks.  And I understand because judgements and critical words and harsh stares or incredulous faces – all of that and more can be devastating.  I am just lucky because I don’t care what other people think.  I like what I’ve done, where I’ve come from and where I am now.

So this is the first “sketchbook” I created after reading Danny Gregory’s  Every Day Matters and The Creative License.  So I was heavily influenced by his style of drawings as well as the use of pen to do the initial drawings.  I didn’t use pencil, only pen and it really did create a looseness after a while and it helped to get rid of that critical eye – because when drawing with a pen if you’re fearing a mistake, you’re screwed.  You’re going to make them, so learn how to deal with them.  Really, The Creative License puts it more eloquently, but it gave me a certain confidence to push passed the mistakes that I still have now, even using pencil or a tablet (I LOVE the Undo button/option lol).

I put “sketchbook” in quotations (twice now) because it was just a pretty notebook (the covers are pretty but I don’t show them here) that I had and hadn’t done anything with.  It was just something I bought on a whim while at Ross and never really used.  That was also part of Danny’s influence – he insists you kind of “de-precious” your sketchbook by writing in it, writing down your grocery lists and so on.  I don’t always do that now (at least I don’t think I do) but it was something that struck me again, helping to realize that sketchbooks don’t need to be perfect but are tools.

So here are the drawings (in the order that I drew them) from that sketchbook.  Also, I’m sorry if you get an FBI/CIA File vibe from all the black ink, lol.  Portions of the text has been redacted.  I am not 100% sure what is even in there but I know some is private and I tend to curse like a sailor, so I figured it was just safer to make the text unreadable 🙂

IMG_3159 IMG_3160 IMG_3161 IMG_3162 IMG_3163 IMG_3164

My old bestest buddy, Fred

My old bestest buddy, Fred

IMG_3166 IMG_3167 IMG_3168 IMG_3169 IMG_3170 IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3180 IMG_3181 IMG_3182 IMG_3183 IMG_3184 IMG_3185 IMG_3186 IMG_3187 IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3190 IMG_3191 IMG_3193 IMG_3194 IMG_3195 IMG_3196 IMG_3197 IMG_3198


Something, huh?  Lol, some are not good representations of anything!  Some are pretty good renderings.  But it’s not good or bad, it just is.  Feel free to share your own sketches or links to sketchbooks or sketchbook tours here!

Art as a Gift

I made a painting for my husband a few years ago for one of our anniversaries.  Of course I forgot to date it (ARGH!!!) so I have no idea exactly when.  We’d talked about places we wanted to go, things we wanted to see and do.  He and I shared one dream – to go on an African Safari.  Of course, I want to go everywhere.  I was a National Geographic NUT when I was a teen and dreamed of being a photographic journalist (as well as a marine biologist) going on Amazon trips and Congo River rides…  I’m not sure I had really thought things through, see, I prefer cold weather to hot, hate to sweat and am not a fan of mosquitoes.

Still, I wanted to give this to my husband in the only way I could at the time – the African Safari, the elephants (his favorite animal).  I’m not one hundred percent happy with it, but he loves it and it has been a little focal point in our living room for years.  This was the initial sketch:

Initial Sketch

Initial Sketch

I spent most of the time on the elephants and the rest was just supposed to be the background.  The elephants were the focal point and stood for him (in the front) and me.  I don’t remember what image I used, if it was two elephants in one picture or if I just used different references.  I wish I had started keeping a blog about my art a long time ago, but alas…

I drew this on watercolor paper and the only thing I remember is that it was cold press.  It was about the 4th or 5th time I’d used watercolor in my life, so I didn’t know how to fade everything else into the background, to use colors to intensify the focus on the elephants.  The plants were barely referenced, the shadows weren’t great, I used a lot of heavy paint…  I made a lot of mistakes but it doesn’t matter because my husband loves this picture:

"Anniversary Elephants" by Rebecca Galardo

“Anniversary Elephants” by Rebecca Galardo

So if you’re thinking about someone that you’d like to do a drawing or painting for, think about their favorite things and just do it.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the best artist on the planet (no such thing, by the way) or if you’re a beginner.  If it’s someone you love and that loves you, most likely they’re going to love the gift 🙂  Go for it.  Be brave and put your artwork (and by extension yourself) out there.


Creepy Cracked Doll Head – Today’s Drawing on Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro

Oh my goodness, I had fun today once I got past my nerves with working on a somewhat new program. Sketchbook Pro (not an affiliate link, just sharing what I use!) is now a lot cooler!!  The old version was something I bought in July 2014 and was used to playing around with, but I went looking for some updates due to glitches.  That’s when I found out you had to have a subscription to get their new version.  But at $2.99 a month it isn’t bad and you can cancel anytime (I think a full year is $24, so that saves some dough, but I’m not at that point yet, we don’t really have the extra).  It’s less than my Netflix account and I was happy about that.

So I got it, watched some tutorials and went for it.

If I was being perfectly honest, past my nervousness with my Cintiq Companion Hybrid.  I’m still nervous with this Wacom powerhouse because I automatically compare everything I do to the amazing art that can be created on one of these.  I feel sometimes so undeserving of this amazing piece of equipment.

And that’s not right.  It’s like holding a canvas and thinking that you don’t deserve it because of what Rembrandt or Dali (or whatever your favorite painter is) created.  It’s like thinking you want to do a lying self portrait and saying, “No way, Abdi Farah did such an amazing job, what’s the damn point?”

Just so we’re clear, I am not comparing what I have done to these people, lol.

My stepdaughter years and years ago broke a doll that she got from the zoo.  I got one too, so I switched the faces and told her I’d fixed it.  I keep the doll head and it is:

Glued together doll head

Glued together doll head

I connected the Cintiq Hybrid to my Toshiba and loaded Sketchbook Pro.

Set up.

Set up.

I did a rough “pencil” sketch.  I used the awesome symmetry feature.  Never did that before!  It was so much fun!

"Pencil" sketch.

“Pencil” sketch.

I spent some more time working a little longer on the pencil sketch:

doll (6)

Finished with pencil sketch

I used the “ballpoint” option and penned in the solid outlines:

Ballpoint Pen Outline

Ballpoint Pen Outline

Then I just started adding the basic doll behind the cracks and creepiness.  Shading, color and highlights:

Color, shading and highlights

Color, shading and highlights

Then I started adding the personality behind the doll, the cracks:

Cracked doll face getting more details.

Cracked doll face getting more details.

Finally, I added the dirt, grime and glue that mar it’s face.  Also any little details that needed to be added.  The final piece on the Wacom:

Finalized version of the doll as seen on the Wacom.

Finalized version of the doll as seen on the Wacom.

And my final piece:

"Cracked Doll Head" by Rebecca Galardo

“Cracked Doll Head” by Rebecca Galardo

I hope you liked this sort of step by step drawing!  Feel free to leave suggestions or comments!

What Should I Draw?

I figured I’d start doing posts when I had little to no time to post, something small but still helpful.  One of the things that I run into as an artist is feeling uninspired and wondering “WHAT SHOULD I DRAW?!”

Anyone who has ever driven themselves crazy with this will understand the insane amount of emphasis I put on that phrase.  It’s the same with writing.  It can make you mad.

One of the things I have learned from Danny Gregory’s Every Day Matters and The Creative License was when feeling like you don’t know what to draw, literally draw anything.  Pick a random object and draw.  Sometimes I would.  Sometimes I would ask my husband to pick.  Sometimes I would run over to the Every Day Matters list I have printed out and pick something.  There might be a more recent list somewhere, but I think that one is still good.

So, that being said, if you’re looking for something to draw, click on the link and go with it!  I’m doing a Buddha statue in my house right now, but here is an example:

On 12-1-12 I did “Something you have made” and the choice was not easy considering I have like a million things that I have made in this house.  However, I just settled on this elephant that I made my husband (who loves elephants):

"My Heart's Crocheted Elephant by Me" by Rebecca Galardo

“My Heart’s Crocheted Elephant by Me” by Rebecca Galardo

Happy drawing!!

Valentine’s Day is a Little Different for Me

I have a great husband who always does something for me.  He gets me things and a couple of times has cooked me lobster (the frozen “humane” kind – NOT boiled alive) and so it’s not that different.  He likes to make me feel special.  I do little things for him, but he keeps telling me that Valentine’s Day is for the girl, not the guy.

The reason it is a little different for me is that it’s the day my Basset hound of 11 years, Fred, died.  Two years ago.  He was getting older and had lost the ability to move and was really sick.  I won’t go into more detail other than he was the sweetest, goofiest best dog ever and had a howl that every time I hear on a video I still tear up.  He was my first dog ever.

This was a picture from me and him years ago:

Me and Fred - 2009

Me and Fred – 2009

This is what I drew in two and a half hours.  I love it.  It was done using the paintbrush and pen from the “Sketchbook Pro” app which I love.  I would love to have their subscription but that’s like currently out of my pricerange.  I love this picture and am happy that I drew it.  I only teared up when posting to FB.  My husband is right – remembering Fred like this is the best thing to do.

"Me and Fred on Black" by Rebecca Galardo

“Me and Fred on Black” by Rebecca Galardo