I’m Moving My Art! Come with me!

Check it out here: http://www.rebeccagalardoart.com/

I needed a little bit more freedom with my website.  WordPress is great, I love it, but the free version is a little limited.  Since I already have a Tigertech account for my writing, it’s less than $2 a month to have my own art site.  That’s worth it to me because then I can use cool plug ins, choose from more themes and have a lot more freedom and control over the site!  I also hope to have a small shop here for anyone interested in prints or originals of my work.  I am starting a #100days Ink and Pen drawing commitment and I would love to be able to offer these works to anyone interested in them 🙂  So, I certainly needed my own domain.

Lastly, I really love to see my progress personally, so I wanted to make sure I moved all of my old blog posts, pictures and pages to the new site.  It’s all there, just with a new look 🙂

So go on over and tell me what you think!  Please feel free to give me your opinion.  I want the site to be fun and engaging for my readers.

I should be posting there later today with my first drawing in the #100days Pen and Ink series.


Art is Everywhere – Some Art for Biker Friends

I have been so busy in the last few weeks but I still manage to make art a priority.  Just not necessarily posting about art!

A friend of mine was throwing a party for a bunch of biker friends.  I figured that I could help by making signs our our back patch and arrows.

So I took a picture of our patch and traced it on my Cintiq Companion Hybrid and then took the outline and printed it out for the smaller signs. Using the lightbox my husband built for me I traced the patch onto two small halves of a posterboard.

For the larger sign I connected the computer to a projector, put two poster boards together and then traced from there.


After that, I started to fill in the colors with various markers. Continue reading

Making Time for Art – Even Bad Art

I was at my friend’s house yesterday and they were watching something I’d already seen and then after that came something I wasn’t interested in.  I pulled out my sketchbook and went to work.

This was my pen and ink drawing done with little light and I love this little sketch!


While I sat there drawing I thought on the people that would have found it insulting that I sat there drawing while everyone else watched TV.  I was still talking with them, paying attention to conversations, listening to snippets and watching a little bit here and there.  I was still actively with them.  But that wouldn’t have been good enough for a number of people from my past.  They are no longer in my life and it wasn’t an active choice, but I find it serendipitous.  I no longer care if someone complains to me that I am drawing in a restaurant.  I’ll say right back to them “I don’t whine about you constantly being on your iPhone, so cut me some slack.  At least I’m still involved in the conversations.”  But I wasn’t always so… confident, I guess is the word.

Most likely this is because – before the last few years – I never put my art or myself first (no matter how often my husband told me to).  My husband’s constant reminders didn’t fall on deaf ears though.  I started doing what I wanted in my free time instead of what I thought I should be doing.  I did what I wanted with my hair for me.  Little things.  Then when I opened my first business I learned to say ‘no’ to people who wanted me to spend my time doing something else because I could have a flexible schedule if I wanted.  The hardest was friends, but I learned.

If I wanted to be successful at whatever I was doing, I had to give it the time.   I had to invest in it.  It had to come first at some point.

This year is the first time that I am putting my things as a true priority – my passions, writing and art.  I did prioritize writing and sometimes art in previous years – meaning they were higher on the list of things to do than before.  But this year those two things come first.  Like my husband must allow his job to come first (unless there are extreme circumstances like an emergency) I must too learn to allow writing and art to hold that same priority.  So every day my husband must work, those are also work days for me.  If he gets up at 5 am, he wakes me up shortly after (my request).  This way we share most of the time we have together in as equal states as possible.  It also alleviates the guilt that comes from taking a complete day off to just fart around with him and play video games, go on aimless motorcycle rides or hang out with friends.

Sometimes when you don’t have that support system in place though, it’s very hard to explain to people why you’re spending time doing something else.  And I honestly cannot help those who struggle with apathetic spouses or non-supportive friends.  I won’t have the arrogance to give tips or advice here or to link articles that I chose that might have spoken to me because how would an article picked by someone who has never felt that struggle you feel, help anything?

I will say that early on in my marriage I learned that both husband and wife serve each other.  I supported my husband’s dreams, he’s supported mine.  Now that he works full time, I have taken on his chores and tend to run around more when he’s home doing things for him so that he can relax – his job is very physical after all.  While he’s at work I have the luxury of staying in my PJs if I want, writing for hours on end uninterrupted, drawing and drawing.  Yes, there are chores, animals to care for, errands to run.  But we both fulfill our end of the bargain. When you support each other, when you serve each other, you find harmony.

A friend of mine is an artist (a painter with acrylics and a multi-media genuis) had her marriage blossom when she finally figured out that her husband didn’t act supportive of her dreams because she’d never been supportive of his.  To him, having a man cave where he could smoke and drink and watch the games with his friends was a dream.  She’d always put it down.  So he’d never been overly enthused or supportive about her art.  Once she helped him clear our their basement and start to work on it he seemed “transformed” to her.  He didn’t complain if she was going to go paint.  In turn she bought him a mini keg of his favorite beer for the first game in the room and he bought her a brand new easel.  Crazy people in love, huh?  She told me when he asked her to paint something football related in his basement, she cried.  He’d never shown any interest, never cared, never said she was good or bad – anything to her would have been better than indifference.  So she painted one whole wall with his football team’s logo, years, championship years and his favorite player.  Needless to say, he became her biggest fan, lol.

Like I said I don’t know what you personally are going through.  Maybe Cindy’s story above helped, maybe not.  But the point is that there is an answer.  Whether you have to have a heart to heart, or Google for art support groups, it’s there.  Someone somewhere else out there (most likely MULTIPLE someones) has been through what you are going through.  They can be invaluable resources on how to get out of situations, fix circumstances or just be a good person to vent to.

Wow!  What a long post!  So sorry!  My goodness.  Here is another piece, this one a COMPLETE FAIL lol.  I drew it for a friend of mine.  The top image is the meme she adored and asked me to make her something like it, the bottom is my drawing.  Lol, needless to say, I was having an OFF DAY.  Still mailed it to her though, lol!  I’ll just have to do better on my next attempt.


Super Creepy Skeksis from The Dark Crystal – Great Subjects for Drawing!

Last night I found out that The Dark Crystal was available on instant through Netflix.  I had checked MANY times before so I was super elated!  Because my husband was going to be late coming home (official biker group stuff) I decided to watch.  I was in a little bit of a gloomy mood, so it was perfect.

I remembered so much, I haven’t seen the film in years, but I watched the hell out of it as a kid!  There are some really creepy and dark things in there!  Very spooky.

Like the Skeksis.  Very creepy, disgusting, vile creatures.

Super Creepy Skeksis

I don’t know what got into me, but I just had to draw one.  So I looked around on Google until I found one that appealed to me.  20 minutes later I had an outline:Untitled

But then I had to go to bed :/  So I took up the work in the morning.  Between doing other things I’ve worked on this today and was happy to finish him up.  He was a joy to work on.  I even posted a video of my shading him in over on Instagram.

Now here are the images taken each time I took a break:

20150319_103602 20150319_113701 20150319_132300

And now the finished work!

Fingers just for scale!

Fingers just for scale!


Creepy Skeksis!

Creepy Skeksis!

NSFW – Quick Nude Studies

Two days and two roughly 30 minute studies of some nude figures. I’ve been using Pixelovely.com for the figures.  And they have a “class mode” where you an set your time and it will automatically change the figures and let you know how long you have at the top (you can also skip figures or choose a NO NUDES option).  I had a lot of fun, especially spinning this around and trying to find places to fit new ones 🙂  I did 30 second poses, 1 minute poses, 5+ minute poses and like an 11 minute pose.

Now, gotta stop farting around.  Off to do some work before the hubby gets home for Taco Tuesday and Faceoff!!

20150317_160504 20150317_160509 20150317_160511 20150317_160513 20150317_160515 20150317_160524 20150317_160530 20150317_160533 20150317_160536 20150317_160538 20150317_160541

Art is NOT just for canvas and paper! Create in every opportunity.

There are, sure, sculptures and cool graffiti and murals.  There are so many forms of art.  But little things you do around your house can be art too.  Little details can make your home more you.  I wish I had pictures of the palm tree I created out of markers, paper and tape for my bedroom as a teenager.  I loved it!

Right now Tony and I do not have the ability to paint in our house.  Which sucks because I would LOVE to do some really nice things.  But I’m not allowing that to limit my creativity.  Part of creativity is learning to work within and around limitations and boundaries.

We bought ceiling fans for the summer and I knew immediately I wanted to do something to spruce them up.

Ceiling Fan Blades Await

Ceiling Fan Blades Await

Since we have Buffalo Bills related things all over the living room, I figured I’d do a Buffalo Bills themed ceiling fan.  I taped off where I wanted borders, drew the Bills symbols (new and old school) on cardboard, cut those out and used them as stencils.

In progress!!

In progress!!

I didn’t strive for perfection.  I learned years ago from a Holly Lisle (that one is an affiliate link because I adore her writing classes) class that “perfect never finishes” and I have been having issues with perfectionism (and “safe never starts”) my whole life.  The fear of “why do it if it won’t be perfect” will keep you from not only achieving your dreams, but basically living your life.

All done!

All done!

I love our fan.  It pulls all the Buffalo Bills things together and helps to make it more of a football fan room (heehee, the pun was not intended but was kinda cute) instead of just a living room.

My point isn’t “paint your fans!!” but instead find other ways to bring art into your every day life.  Put your drawings or paintings up in your house and rotate them as you get better or fall more in love with newer or other pieces.  Crochet a throw for your couch!  Paint your nightstand (I did that too!!).  Find ways to create pieces that stand out in your life and make you fall more in love with your surroundings.

Can you create your nightmare? I did with one of mine. And I want to do it again!

I’ve been brought up with several influences in my life that affect me, my creations and my world view, but none quite so fun, frightening, endearing and ever-reaching as horror films.

One of those films is Killer Klowns from Outer Space Love this movie.  There is a scene in the film where one of the main characters has come into the police station and found everyone dead.  The cop that, well, wasn’t a nice guy, is now in the lap of a giant killer clown and is now basically a puppet, or ventriloquist doll.

I am one of the – apparently – many people who suffer from coulrophobia.  It’s real, not affected, not something to get a boy’s attention.  My husband insists it’s because my father let us watch IT when it came out, but I don’t know.  I was 7, but I was a smart, ‘totally-not-real-just-a-movie’ 7.

This fear…  It’s not just creepy clowns, or clowns where there shouldn’t be clowns.  It’s clowns in general.  I hate and fear them.  Even seeing a regular clown gives me goosebumps and my heart starts pounding.

And yet I managed to create something with a clown in it late 2011:

"Killer Klown and Mooney Puppet" by Rebecca Galardo

“Killer Klown and Mooney Puppet” by Rebecca Galardo – 9-17-2011

I can tell you drawing the original version of my picture and then doing this in watercolor was a real, honest struggle.  Drawing Mooney (played by the oh-so-double-secret-probation-freaking-awesome John Vernon) and painting him wasn’t difficult.  But the clown…  I struggled because I didn’t like looking at him.  It’s funny.  You can see in my heavier hand on the clown.  I was rushing.  The painting maybe took 30 minutes and it’s just a fun little thing in a sketchbook, but I was intentionally pushing myself with the work.

My goal now though is to draw something that terrifies me again.  With more detail.  If good writers write about what scares them, I think a good artist can draw what scares him/her.  What do you think?