Art is Everywhere – Some Art for Biker Friends

I have been so busy in the last few weeks but I still manage to make art a priority.  Just not necessarily posting about art!

A friend of mine was throwing a party for a bunch of biker friends.  I figured that I could help by making signs our our back patch and arrows.

So I took a picture of our patch and traced it on my Cintiq Companion Hybrid and then took the outline and printed it out for the smaller signs. Using the lightbox my husband built for me I traced the patch onto two small halves of a posterboard.

For the larger sign I connected the computer to a projector, put two poster boards together and then traced from there.


After that, I started to fill in the colors with various markers. Continue reading


How I Draw on My Wacom Tablet

My Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid is amazing.  I am not much yet for hooking it up onto my computer, though I hope to soon be able to afford to purchase Corel Painter because the trial I had for a couple of days after I got the Cintiq was amazing.  I only had it for a few days because my computer died and it was months and months before we sent it into get fixed.  I can use Photoshop through it, but I just haven’t needed to.  This year I plan to get much, much more into my art 😀

I have had questions before as to how I draw on it.  So I figured while I took a little break from my writing, I’d show how I personally use it, though it differs from artist to artist.  If you’re looking for inspiration though, go to YouTube (this here is one of my favorites, even if it is an ad for the tablets).  There are so many amazing artists out there!

So here is what I do.  I had to find an image I had on both the Cintiq and the computer.  I use my monitor for the bigger view for more exact details and I use the little image on the Wacom for a smaller reference photo.  I didn’t always do this but wow, it was a great tip from another tablet artist.  I use the monitor image and the image on the Cintiq to create an initial sketch:

Initial Capture

Initial Capture

I switch to another “layer” to start a more serious outline of the subject, using the pen mode instead of the pencil (which I used to create the initial sketch.  Once I’ve got the outline, I hide the sketch. You can see the layers below.  In this image you can see the actual photograph and the sketch are both “hidden” so that I could concentrate on, I think, the drapes.  You can see they are hidden by the little X over the eyes.

All three layers.

All three layers.

I use mostly little image to fill in the big colors, and conversely the bigger image to fill in the little colors (the cat claws, eyes, etc).  This was just a quickie, so here’s what it looks like:

Fast Drawing

Fast Drawing

Nothing is perfect on it, but I wasn’t shooting for that in 20 minutes!  I just wanted to get an example out 😀  Here is a closer view:

"My Crazy Batman" by Rebecca Galardo

“My Crazy Batman” by Rebecca Galardo

My Bike and My Favorite Drawing

I currently have a secret project that I am undergoing.  It will be a gift for someone, something I hope will be very meaningful.  I’ve never done something of this magnitude.  I cannot get into too much detail here, but I can say that it will be a portrait of someone special.  So I will keep this blog updated on how I am coming along.

Speaking of meaningful gifts:

Today’s art piece is something a lot of people saw on Instagram and my personal Facebook page.  It’s of my very first motorcycle.  I haven’t even had him for a whole year just yet and I love him!  My husband bought me a Honda Shadow Spirit 750 in March of last year, just over 2 months after a bad motorcycle accident put him in the hospital for four days and has left him with a broken arm (if you’re interested and not squeamish, you can see his stitches here but if you’re not sure if you’re squeamish, don’t click) and a perpetually messed up thumb.  He’s all patched up, it’s been over a year since that accident and he rides (a different bike) every day.

I was in a bad mood that night and didn’t want to go out.  Then I didn’t want to go back outside once we reached the bar, but they were all supposedly going to see a friend’s new sissy bar on his bike but I didn’t want to because I was being a grumptard.  Finally I get up and go out and my husband immediately drops to one knee, holds out a jewelry box with a key and asks if I will ride with him.

Holy crap.

So here is a picture of my bike from that night:

My Bike.  My husband's on the right (facing the picture, left of my bike).

My Bike. My husband’s on the right (facing the picture, left of my bike).

Apparently our friend and mechanic – who bleeds on all of our bikes – rode the bike there, put the bow on for my husband and promptly stuck himself and bled on my bike.  Lol.  Good thing too, he needed to get that out of the way.

Now here is the drawing I did, on a Wacom Cintiq Tablet that my husband bought for me around the same time.

My Beautiful Guy

My Beautiful Guy

This is after some changes, obviously.  No saddle bags, a new bar bag, risers changed direction and no windshield to name those visible.  It’s not perfect but I LOVE this drawing.  I never did finish this but that’s okay.  I learned so much from it.  All the problems I can see with it are fine.  It was part of my growth as an artist.