Valentine’s Day is a Little Different for Me

I have a great husband who always does something for me.  He gets me things and a couple of times has cooked me lobster (the frozen “humane” kind – NOT boiled alive) and so it’s not that different.  He likes to make me feel special.  I do little things for him, but he keeps telling me that Valentine’s Day is for the girl, not the guy.

The reason it is a little different for me is that it’s the day my Basset hound of 11 years, Fred, died.  Two years ago.  He was getting older and had lost the ability to move and was really sick.  I won’t go into more detail other than he was the sweetest, goofiest best dog ever and had a howl that every time I hear on a video I still tear up.  He was my first dog ever.

This was a picture from me and him years ago:

Me and Fred - 2009

Me and Fred – 2009

This is what I drew in two and a half hours.  I love it.  It was done using the paintbrush and pen from the “Sketchbook Pro” app which I love.  I would love to have their subscription but that’s like currently out of my pricerange.  I love this picture and am happy that I drew it.  I only teared up when posting to FB.  My husband is right – remembering Fred like this is the best thing to do.

"Me and Fred on Black" by Rebecca Galardo

“Me and Fred on Black” by Rebecca Galardo

How I Draw on My Wacom Tablet

My Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid is amazing.  I am not much yet for hooking it up onto my computer, though I hope to soon be able to afford to purchase Corel Painter because the trial I had for a couple of days after I got the Cintiq was amazing.  I only had it for a few days because my computer died and it was months and months before we sent it into get fixed.  I can use Photoshop through it, but I just haven’t needed to.  This year I plan to get much, much more into my art 😀

I have had questions before as to how I draw on it.  So I figured while I took a little break from my writing, I’d show how I personally use it, though it differs from artist to artist.  If you’re looking for inspiration though, go to YouTube (this here is one of my favorites, even if it is an ad for the tablets).  There are so many amazing artists out there!

So here is what I do.  I had to find an image I had on both the Cintiq and the computer.  I use my monitor for the bigger view for more exact details and I use the little image on the Wacom for a smaller reference photo.  I didn’t always do this but wow, it was a great tip from another tablet artist.  I use the monitor image and the image on the Cintiq to create an initial sketch:

Initial Capture

Initial Capture

I switch to another “layer” to start a more serious outline of the subject, using the pen mode instead of the pencil (which I used to create the initial sketch.  Once I’ve got the outline, I hide the sketch. You can see the layers below.  In this image you can see the actual photograph and the sketch are both “hidden” so that I could concentrate on, I think, the drapes.  You can see they are hidden by the little X over the eyes.

All three layers.

All three layers.

I use mostly little image to fill in the big colors, and conversely the bigger image to fill in the little colors (the cat claws, eyes, etc).  This was just a quickie, so here’s what it looks like:

Fast Drawing

Fast Drawing

Nothing is perfect on it, but I wasn’t shooting for that in 20 minutes!  I just wanted to get an example out 😀  Here is a closer view:

"My Crazy Batman" by Rebecca Galardo

“My Crazy Batman” by Rebecca Galardo