Art is Everywhere – Some Art for Biker Friends

I have been so busy in the last few weeks but I still manage to make art a priority.  Just not necessarily posting about art!

A friend of mine was throwing a party for a bunch of biker friends.  I figured that I could help by making signs our our back patch and arrows.

So I took a picture of our patch and traced it on my Cintiq Companion Hybrid and then took the outline and printed it out for the smaller signs. Using the lightbox my husband built for me I traced the patch onto two small halves of a posterboard.

For the larger sign I connected the computer to a projector, put two poster boards together and then traced from there.


After that, I started to fill in the colors with various markers. Continue reading

NSFW – Quick Nude Studies

Two days and two roughly 30 minute studies of some nude figures. I’ve been using for the figures.  And they have a “class mode” where you an set your time and it will automatically change the figures and let you know how long you have at the top (you can also skip figures or choose a NO NUDES option).  I had a lot of fun, especially spinning this around and trying to find places to fit new ones 🙂  I did 30 second poses, 1 minute poses, 5+ minute poses and like an 11 minute pose.

Now, gotta stop farting around.  Off to do some work before the hubby gets home for Taco Tuesday and Faceoff!!

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Capturing a Camera in Pencil

In June of 2011 I really wanted to start focusing on drawing more realistically.  Despite my adoration for Danny Gregory and my gratitude for his books and support of the every day artist, I wanted at this point to get back to the pencil.  I wanted to strive for more accuracy in my work.

I took a book that had long been shelved down and started going through it again.  The classic that had been given to me by my mother when I was about 13 was Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  I remember it was both incredibly fun and somewhat tedious back then.  I had so many varied interests that it didn’t take long before I’d lost interest in doing the book work – maybe a month?  I’d done a lot of the drawings and gotten through about halfway, but hadn’t finished it.  I still haven’t finished it.  Hmm…  I guess that one will go on my book bucket list.

Here is me doing one of the exercises

Me Drawing on the Bed

Me Drawing on the Bed

Just looking at this picture I cringe.  It’s not good lighting, good posture, good way to hold my pencil, etc.  But it was fun.  I have certainly learned a lot.  Sure you can do fun and great drawings from in bed.  But you’re doing yourself no favors if you can work within a better set up.

I chose a beat up old camera we’d bought at a flea market somewhere for like $5.

camera drawing 3 (2)I wanted to try a slow pace but to also not go back over and over the same lines.  My years of drawing with pen and ink had increased my confidence and I quickly turned this:

Just started...

Just started…

Into this:

"Flea Market Find in pencil" by Rebecca GalardoThe bed was just a crappy outline and there are issues with it.  But for 45 minutes and for having just that day picked up a pencil again?  I am still happy with this drawing 🙂  It makes me feel great.  I love all the wonky lines and imperfections.  Even in trying to capture something realistically you have room to play.  That sketchy quality doesn’t take away from the art or attempt or even an ability to tell what the item is.  It only adds a fun and charming aspect to the work for me.

“Ruby” Sketch

When I was 19 I was living in an apartment with my ex, a friend and his sister.  I’d never had small animals and had gotten two turtles early.  Then I got two rats, two hairless female Dumbo rats.  One was Chloe and the other, an albino, was named the oh-so-unoriginal but still pretty name, Ruby.

The other day on Facebook I was nominated by a fellow friend (and a really great artist, Amy Lehr Miller) for an Art Challenge that is going around.  I’ve seen artists like Adebanji Adeola Alade (find him on Facebook here) doing it and when she nominated me I felt special to be in the same challenge.  Not that it meant I was anywhere near that caliber!  It just felt neat.

So I sat down with a picture of my long gone friend, Ruby, and started to draw.  I thought I’d have at least an hour and a half, but unbeknownst to me my husband was making dinner plans with friends and after 25 minutes I had to give up the drawing and run out the door.

Here it is:

"Ruby" by Rebecca Galardo

“Ruby” by Rebecca Galardo

I’m pleased with it, though the lines of the cage are wobbly and I was interrupted while doing the inside of her ear.  I might try again, but honestly it was just a fun sketch to do.

I chose her for a couple of reasons: I wanted the first post of the artist challenge to be special, I wanted to push myself to draw an animal (I don’t) and didn’t want to start with one of my cats or dogs (fur intimidates me when it comes to pencil) and I love rats.

It was drawn with a very old (like at LEAST 17 years old) Faber Castell B pencil in the gray Cachet sketchbook by Daler Rowney.