About Rebecca

Just Me

Just Me


I am a writer of romances and erotica, and am moving into erotic thrillers and erotic horror.  I write under two different pen names.

I am also the author of the ebook How to Create an Income from Home with a Successful and Profitable Etsy Shop, which both predated and (continuously) outsold all of it’s contemporaries on Etsy until I closed up shop (I no longer believe that Etsy is the right place for my jewelry work after it shifted in policies allowing manufacturing and seeming to turn a blind eye to policy breakers) and the book continues to be a big hit and big seller in the UK (see the reviews here).

I have a special place in my heart for photography.  I’ve done professional headshots, model photoshoots, product shoots for small business ads, fine art prints and stock photography.  I have always been interested in photography, wanting to capture moments since a child but didn’t develop at taste for the art of it until my grandfather lent me a Nikon when I was 16.

I am an animal lover.  I currently have 4 dogs (and is fostering another), 3 cats, 2 birds, 2 rats and 2 turtles.  She cannot count the total amount of animal companions she has had in her life, but she has never, ever been without a furry companion of some sort (and even not so furry ones with several hairless rats).

I met the love of my life in 2005 and married him in 2008.  He is my best friend and hero.  In 2014 he finished school and became an EMT.  He is also a volunteer fire fighter since 2011 and recently became assistant chief of his VFD.


As for art I was initially like any kid.  I loved to draw and paint and make a mess.  I drew on walls and floors and tables.  I drew many the Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a Pterodactyl and dripping blood in class, disturbing my teachers and making my mother laugh.

I grew up looking at the things my mother could draw and paint and wanting very much to be able to do the same.  In 1998 my mother gave me Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, telling me how it had helped her when she was younger.

I moved out at 19 and, with little time to devote to personal interest, I focused on writing in between work.  Work changed rapidly (waitress to waitress and working at UPS, then from waiting tables and UPS to just working for a travel club, changing jobs within the club many times over) and my time to devote to personal pleasures diminished.  I tried to paint and draw and even had a beautiful little sun room that had been devoted as my place to write and draw (my favorite office space ever!) but each attempt merely frustrated me because I had no time to devote to studies or getting better.

Years later I would meet my now husband.  He saw how much I loved to draw, and he helped push me to take more time to do it.  He reminded me to bring my sketchbook and art supplies out, to pick up new art supplies and to not get stressed at a lack of ability – it would come.  Between devoting many hours to drawing, reading art books and being supported in general by my wonderful husband, my talents have grown as has my confidence.

While not a professional artist by any means, over the years I have done commission work, sold small pieces and one large painting.  My art is now hanging on the walls of friends, family and strangers.  While writing stories, novels and screenplays is my life’s work, art is a passion too.  Sometimes it’s the reason to wake up in the morning with glee when I’m stuck with writing.  It’s the stress relief and the creative yang to my writing yin.

If you have any questions of what has helped my, comments on my work, ideas for posts, (etc) feel free to write me at rmgalardo (at) gmail (dot) com.  Or comment on a post.


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