Film is Art Too

I’ve made a few short films, worked on a feature that was never finished or produced and have written quite a few screenplays (even finished a couple!).

Film is art!  Writing, creating a storyboard, editing, all of it in between!



I love it so much.  I took a course in my early 20s, and when we moved here and I was attending Wiregrass here in Valdosta for a bit, I took a couple film classes again.  I got the opportunity to shoot a short PSA.  Shot this with a realllllllly old camera and my Note II.  I used my friends and my husband got one of his fellow volunteer fire fighters to help out at the end.  We just road down areas for about 30 minutes on day we all had off.  I shot the rest with my husband when he had the spare time.

So use whatever you have at your disposal to create!

I obviously do not have the rights to Metallica’s Fuel and I am not making any money or advertising anything.  This was just a project that I shot for school.

Tell Me What You Think!

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