My Artistic Mountain to Climb – Winslow the Zombie

In April of this year I decided that I’d done enough doodling and little things.  I wanted to paint something and I wanted it to be pretty epic compared to my past work.  And I loved the character of Winslow from The Walking Dead.  I’d just completed my first ever custom figure turning this figure of the Flu Walker into this figure of Winslow.

So I chose my favorite picture of him and I just started.  Not having watched any of the painting tutorials that I have by now seen.  Never having taken a serious stab at painting on canvas or with acrylics.

You can watch the progression that too place over maybe 8 or 9 days.  Then it stopped and I only went back once (the last two photos) to try again on the skin.  I’ve been stalled simply because I’m terrified of skin in full color, much less rotten, torn, bruised, necrotic flesh.

I’ll get back to him soon.  Someday I want his damn portrait on the wall with the rest of my Zombie Collection.

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