What Should I Draw?

I figured I’d start doing posts when I had little to no time to post, something small but still helpful.  One of the things that I run into as an artist is feeling uninspired and wondering “WHAT SHOULD I DRAW?!”

Anyone who has ever driven themselves crazy with this will understand the insane amount of emphasis I put on that phrase.  It’s the same with writing.  It can make you mad.

One of the things I have learned from Danny Gregory’s Every Day Matters and The Creative License was when feeling like you don’t know what to draw, literally draw anything.  Pick a random object and draw.  Sometimes I would.  Sometimes I would ask my husband to pick.  Sometimes I would run over to the Every Day Matters list I have printed out and pick something.  There might be a more recent list somewhere, but I think that one is still good.

So, that being said, if you’re looking for something to draw, click on the link and go with it!  I’m doing a Buddha statue in my house right now, but here is an example:

On 12-1-12 I did “Something you have made” and the choice was not easy considering I have like a million things that I have made in this house.  However, I just settled on this elephant that I made my husband (who loves elephants):

"My Heart's Crocheted Elephant by Me" by Rebecca Galardo

“My Heart’s Crocheted Elephant by Me” by Rebecca Galardo

Happy drawing!!

More Oldies from the Self Portrait Vault – Try one of Yourself

I don’t have much time to write today, had sooooooo much work.  Only had about an hour to spend with my husband so we watched Better Call Saul and I am so psyched for that show!

I am sitting down today to do a 10 or 15 minute sketch for the #100facesin100days challenge.  But I still wanted to post today!  So here are a few more self portraits that tie in with my other post about self portraits.

I don’t have any particular style or preferred medium, so these are very different!  Enjoy and feel free to comment with links to your own self portraits!  I love to play around with different mediums, so you’ll see a lot of random playing around with this blog.  Why not get a sketchbook and a pen and just draw.  Who the hell cares if you’re not an immediate talent?  Who cares if you’re not great or if you think you’re kind of bad?  Make it your secret sketchbook until you feel like sharing!  I didn’t want to share at the beginning but now I’m totally cool with people seeing the mistakes in my work.  We all start from somewhere and I have a long way to go yet!

But I am loving it!

"Locks and a Blue Shirt" by Rebecca Galardo

“Locks and a Blue Shirt” by Rebecca Galardo

"Magnify the Weirdness" by Rebecca Galardo

“Magnify the Weirdness” by Rebecca Galardo

"Tony and Me Photo by Bob" by Rebecca Galardo

“Tony and Me Photo by Bob” by Rebecca Galardo

"Morning Hair" by Rebecca Galardo

“Morning Hair” by Rebecca Galardo