Weekly Challenge Leads me to Gary Oldman

I love challenges and I love the art group I am in, Fan Art Workshop Consortium.  It’s so much fun and there are a few people in the group that have become such good friends of mine.

This week’s challenge (chosen randomly every Friday at 8pm EST) is “YOUR FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS” and, for anyone who knows me, that doesn’t give me a choice of who, just what portrait.

Gary Oldman is an amazing actor.  He’s a talented chameleon and can play any roll.  He’s also pretty easy on the eyes – well, most of the time LOL!  I was a little smitten 10 year old seeing him in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and then again as the villain in Air Force One.  Reading Harry Potter back before the films came out my I had decided that Sirius Black was Gary Oldman – so, yeah, I had him cast well before it happened HA!

So I chose a picture of him as Drexl, the hilarious, nafarious pimp in True Romance, a good film!  He and Christopher Walken really stole that movie.  If you haven’t seen it – do.

So, no more blah blah.  I’ll just post my painting breakdown now and hope you enjoy seeing the process.  I need to shoot a freaking video of this stuff!

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