Creepy Cracked Doll Head – Today’s Drawing on Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro

Oh my goodness, I had fun today once I got past my nerves with working on a somewhat new program. Sketchbook Pro (not an affiliate link, just sharing what I use!) is now a lot cooler!!  The old version was something I bought in July 2014 and was used to playing around with, but I went looking for some updates due to glitches.  That’s when I found out you had to have a subscription to get their new version.  But at $2.99 a month it isn’t bad and you can cancel anytime (I think a full year is $24, so that saves some dough, but I’m not at that point yet, we don’t really have the extra).  It’s less than my Netflix account and I was happy about that.

So I got it, watched some tutorials and went for it.

If I was being perfectly honest, past my nervousness with my Cintiq Companion Hybrid.  I’m still nervous with this Wacom powerhouse because I automatically compare everything I do to the amazing art that can be created on one of these.  I feel sometimes so undeserving of this amazing piece of equipment.

And that’s not right.  It’s like holding a canvas and thinking that you don’t deserve it because of what Rembrandt or Dali (or whatever your favorite painter is) created.  It’s like thinking you want to do a lying self portrait and saying, “No way, Abdi Farah did such an amazing job, what’s the damn point?”

Just so we’re clear, I am not comparing what I have done to these people, lol.

My stepdaughter years and years ago broke a doll that she got from the zoo.  I got one too, so I switched the faces and told her I’d fixed it.  I keep the doll head and it is:

Glued together doll head

Glued together doll head

I connected the Cintiq Hybrid to my Toshiba and loaded Sketchbook Pro.

Set up.

Set up.

I did a rough “pencil” sketch.  I used the awesome symmetry feature.  Never did that before!  It was so much fun!

"Pencil" sketch.

“Pencil” sketch.

I spent some more time working a little longer on the pencil sketch:

doll (6)

Finished with pencil sketch

I used the “ballpoint” option and penned in the solid outlines:

Ballpoint Pen Outline

Ballpoint Pen Outline

Then I just started adding the basic doll behind the cracks and creepiness.  Shading, color and highlights:

Color, shading and highlights

Color, shading and highlights

Then I started adding the personality behind the doll, the cracks:

Cracked doll face getting more details.

Cracked doll face getting more details.

Finally, I added the dirt, grime and glue that mar it’s face.  Also any little details that needed to be added.  The final piece on the Wacom:

Finalized version of the doll as seen on the Wacom.

Finalized version of the doll as seen on the Wacom.

And my final piece:

"Cracked Doll Head" by Rebecca Galardo

“Cracked Doll Head” by Rebecca Galardo

I hope you liked this sort of step by step drawing!  Feel free to leave suggestions or comments!

40 Minute Portrait of a Friend – Drawing Friends is FUN

I have been swamped recently with work which is great because it’s work I love.  I’ve been trying to make sure that I do other things as well because almost all of my work revolves around the computer.  If I didn’t make myself stop and physically get up I’d be staring at the screen all day and go blind.

One of the things I did was a new sketch.  I was tagged by a friend and fellow artist, Tina Terry, in a challenge to do 100 Faces in 100 Days.  I thought it was just the thing I needed to get my butt in gear with portraits.  My secret project is a portrait, but one I plan to spend 30 to 50 hours on, so doing little 30 to 60 minute portraits a day should really help with anatomy, recognizing distances, proportions and the subtleties in shading as well as in other places to getting faces right.

I grabbed a profile picture from a friend of mine on Facebook, and only after about 20 minutes in did I realize I completely failed!!  Not at the piece, but at the challenge!  It’s 100 Faces in 100 Days, and my friend’s profile picture has very little of his face!  No wonder I jumped at the opportunity to draw him (well, that and he’s an awesome guy).  Whoops.  See for yourself:

"Justen Masked" by Rebecca Galardo

“Justin Masked” by Rebecca Galardo

Still, I got my art in for the day.  40 minutes with a 2H Goldfaber (Faber Castell) pencil in the Daler-Rowney Cachet sketchbook.  So I guess I’ll start the #100facesin100days Challenge tomorrow!