Weekly Challenge Leads me to Gary Oldman

I love challenges and I love the art group I am in, Fan Art Workshop Consortium.  It’s so much fun and there are a few people in the group that have become such good friends of mine.

This week’s challenge (chosen randomly every Friday at 8pm EST) is “YOUR FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS” and, for anyone who knows me, that doesn’t give me a choice of who, just what portrait.

Gary Oldman is an amazing actor.  He’s a talented chameleon and can play any roll.  He’s also pretty easy on the eyes – well, most of the time LOL!  I was a little smitten 10 year old seeing him in Bram Stoker’s Dracula and then again as the villain in Air Force One.  Reading Harry Potter back before the films came out my I had decided that Sirius Black was Gary Oldman – so, yeah, I had him cast well before it happened HA!

So I chose a picture of him as Drexl, the hilarious, nafarious pimp in True Romance, a good film!  He and Christopher Walken really stole that movie.  If you haven’t seen it – do.

So, no more blah blah.  I’ll just post my painting breakdown now and hope you enjoy seeing the process.  I need to shoot a freaking video of this stuff!

NSFW – Quick Nude Studies

Two days and two roughly 30 minute studies of some nude figures. I’ve been using Pixelovely.com for the figures.  And they have a “class mode” where you an set your time and it will automatically change the figures and let you know how long you have at the top (you can also skip figures or choose a NO NUDES option).  I had a lot of fun, especially spinning this around and trying to find places to fit new ones 🙂  I did 30 second poses, 1 minute poses, 5+ minute poses and like an 11 minute pose.

Now, gotta stop farting around.  Off to do some work before the hubby gets home for Taco Tuesday and Faceoff!!

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Valentine’s Day is a Little Different for Me

I have a great husband who always does something for me.  He gets me things and a couple of times has cooked me lobster (the frozen “humane” kind – NOT boiled alive) and so it’s not that different.  He likes to make me feel special.  I do little things for him, but he keeps telling me that Valentine’s Day is for the girl, not the guy.

The reason it is a little different for me is that it’s the day my Basset hound of 11 years, Fred, died.  Two years ago.  He was getting older and had lost the ability to move and was really sick.  I won’t go into more detail other than he was the sweetest, goofiest best dog ever and had a howl that every time I hear on a video I still tear up.  He was my first dog ever.

This was a picture from me and him years ago:

Me and Fred - 2009

Me and Fred – 2009

This is what I drew in two and a half hours.  I love it.  It was done using the paintbrush and pen from the “Sketchbook Pro” app which I love.  I would love to have their subscription but that’s like currently out of my pricerange.  I love this picture and am happy that I drew it.  I only teared up when posting to FB.  My husband is right – remembering Fred like this is the best thing to do.

"Me and Fred on Black" by Rebecca Galardo

“Me and Fred on Black” by Rebecca Galardo

More Oldies from the Self Portrait Vault – Try one of Yourself

I don’t have much time to write today, had sooooooo much work.  Only had about an hour to spend with my husband so we watched Better Call Saul and I am so psyched for that show!

I am sitting down today to do a 10 or 15 minute sketch for the #100facesin100days challenge.  But I still wanted to post today!  So here are a few more self portraits that tie in with my other post about self portraits.

I don’t have any particular style or preferred medium, so these are very different!  Enjoy and feel free to comment with links to your own self portraits!  I love to play around with different mediums, so you’ll see a lot of random playing around with this blog.  Why not get a sketchbook and a pen and just draw.  Who the hell cares if you’re not an immediate talent?  Who cares if you’re not great or if you think you’re kind of bad?  Make it your secret sketchbook until you feel like sharing!  I didn’t want to share at the beginning but now I’m totally cool with people seeing the mistakes in my work.  We all start from somewhere and I have a long way to go yet!

But I am loving it!

"Locks and a Blue Shirt" by Rebecca Galardo

“Locks and a Blue Shirt” by Rebecca Galardo

"Magnify the Weirdness" by Rebecca Galardo

“Magnify the Weirdness” by Rebecca Galardo

"Tony and Me Photo by Bob" by Rebecca Galardo

“Tony and Me Photo by Bob” by Rebecca Galardo

"Morning Hair" by Rebecca Galardo

“Morning Hair” by Rebecca Galardo

40 Minute Portrait of a Friend – Drawing Friends is FUN

I have been swamped recently with work which is great because it’s work I love.  I’ve been trying to make sure that I do other things as well because almost all of my work revolves around the computer.  If I didn’t make myself stop and physically get up I’d be staring at the screen all day and go blind.

One of the things I did was a new sketch.  I was tagged by a friend and fellow artist, Tina Terry, in a challenge to do 100 Faces in 100 Days.  I thought it was just the thing I needed to get my butt in gear with portraits.  My secret project is a portrait, but one I plan to spend 30 to 50 hours on, so doing little 30 to 60 minute portraits a day should really help with anatomy, recognizing distances, proportions and the subtleties in shading as well as in other places to getting faces right.

I grabbed a profile picture from a friend of mine on Facebook, and only after about 20 minutes in did I realize I completely failed!!  Not at the piece, but at the challenge!  It’s 100 Faces in 100 Days, and my friend’s profile picture has very little of his face!  No wonder I jumped at the opportunity to draw him (well, that and he’s an awesome guy).  Whoops.  See for yourself:

"Justen Masked" by Rebecca Galardo

“Justin Masked” by Rebecca Galardo

Still, I got my art in for the day.  40 minutes with a 2H Goldfaber (Faber Castell) pencil in the Daler-Rowney Cachet sketchbook.  So I guess I’ll start the #100facesin100days Challenge tomorrow!